Independent Research

Independent Research.  Independent research is a critical component of all degrees within the School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics.  Some majors require research to graduate, but all degree plans in NS&M recommend research to better learn what topics are on the forefront of the chosen field.  Some of the possible ways to undertake research in NS&M are listed below:

Independent Research with an UTD faculty member.  This is the most common method to undertake independent research.  It is recommended that the student find out what research is being performed by checking the homepages of the faculty members in your chosen major.  Most tenure/tenure track faculty members at UTD maintain a homepage that lists projects being undertaken (check the appropriate Department page and generally under the faculty sidebar are a link to each faculty member).  Once research projects are found that interest the student, contact the faculty member directly, either through email or by showing up at their office.  Introduce yourself, explain why you are interested in their particular research projects, and ask if there are openings in their labs to accept an undergraduate researcher.  If a suitable position is found, download the NSM Independent Research form, have the faculty member sign the form, and then bring the form to the advising office to allow your advisor to register for the research course.  A student cannot register for a research course himself or herself, but must bring a signed form to the advising office.

Green Fellowship.  The Green Fellowship is an undergraduate research program administered by UT Southwestern Medical School (UTSW).  Students accepted in the program will conduct medical research in the lab of a faculty member at the UT Southwestern campus.  Students will enroll in research credit hours at UTD, but will be working full-time in a lab on the UTSW campus for the spring semester.  Students will not be able to take additional classes at UTD during the spring semester other than the required research credits.  The eligibility for application, details about the program, and the application to be completed can be found at UTSW Green Fellows.

Undergraduate Research Scholar Awards.  Undergraduate students performing research at UTD can apply for an Undergraduate Research Scholar Award administered through the office of Research.  Students apply in the fall semester and the ones selected will be awarded with a stipend to support their research project.  In the spring semester, all Undergraduate Research Scholar award winners will present their research in a poster session.  Application and details of the program.

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