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Call for Proposals


The ATEC Social Justice Art & Film Festival is a virtual festival featuring media created by ATEC students. It will be hosted virtually for a set duration (8-15 days) in early 2021 and culminate with a “Meet the Artists” live event via MS Teams, where creators will be able to engage in conversation with each other and the broader community. 

This festival provides a space for students to share their creative work, highlight their personal stories, and make connections with the ATEC’s Social Justice initiatives. We hope to share creative work from all ATEC students interested in these topics and especially wish to spotlight those from marginalized communities.

Topics and Mediums

Potential Topics Include:

Black Lives Matter

Racial justice

COVID-19 and social justice

Economic inequality

LGBTQ rights

Gender rights

Disability rights

Intersection of any of these topics

Potential Submissions Include:


Paintings, illustrations, other fine art

Interactive art

Sound art

Moving Image(s)

Film, video, animation

Narrative or non-narrative


Click on the images below to see examples of social justice projects. 

  • Social Justice Coronavirus Sketchbook Graphic_ Justice Janitor and Target Worker
  • Vidsee Social Justice Short Film_Home
  • Vidsee Social Justice Short Film_Last Day of School
  • Image Elegy Ending with a Cell Door Closing
  • Vidsee Social Justice Short Film_Last Day
  • Vidsee Social Justice Short Film_Chasni
  • Vidsee Social Justice Short Film_The Container

Proposal Submission Information

Rules and Information

Proposal submission criteria must include the following:

  • Names of Creators
  • Medium
  • Brief description of intended deliverable(s), including your perspective / conceptual idea about the issue you are discussing


  • At least one ATEC student must be involved in the creation of the piece.
  • The work/piece must be created in 2019 or after.
  • Submissions can be course work and/or personal work.

Dates and Timelines:

  • Proposal due via Qualtrics by end of day, Friday December 11, 2020.
  • Beginning of Semester Check-In with participants in mid-January 2021 (date TBD)
  • Completed artwork due Sunday, February 14, 2021.
  • ATEC SJAFF Virtual Festival in March 2021 dates TBD.
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