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In addition to institutional scholarships offered by UT Dallas, the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (ATEC) has scholarships in place specifically designed to help you succeed. Each scholarship is due to the generosity of individuals and organizations who support ATEC students. Take a minute to review each opportunity. Be sure to pay attention to application requirements and deadlines as each scholarship has a unique set of criteria. You will find additional scholarship details in their corresponding forms.

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Scholarship Recipient Gallery

Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate a dedication to learning, a passion for their work, and a commitment to success. Learn about some of our most recent scholarship recipients. Congratulations!

A digital sketch of a building

Cayley Hostrawser

Marjorie Duckworth Award Spring '21


Cayley Hostrawser

Senior Games pathway

“Blood Aurora,” is an eight-volume fantasy graphic novel series written and illustrated by Cayley.

Image shown: Blood Aurora Meade Hall concept

A background illustration for Night at the Flower Shop

Louise Nillas

Anthony (Tony) Cross Award Spring '21


Louise Nillas

Senior Design & Creative Production

Her project “Night in The Flower Shop,” ​​explores how environments change due to lighting and hue shifts.

Image shown: Night in the Flower Shop

ATEC logo Placeholder

Cameron Irby

Anthony (Tony) Cross Award Spring '21


Cameron Irby

3rd year PhD work

Areas of Study: Narrative Media, Queer Theory, and Fandom Studies

Dissertation: Exploring the oft-maligned concept of escapism and searching for ways to reinterpret “escapist” media as escapes toward solutions to problems both personal and worldwide.

ArtSciLab people playing chess with projections of a brain in the back

The Marjorie Duckworth Endowment Award

The Marjorie Duckworth Endowment Award supports creative and innovative cross-disciplinary student projects.  This scholarship supports students who are either seeking a degree in the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (ATEC) or UT Dallas students who are participating in ATEC-related activities.

*Please review the application form for detailed requirements.

Marjorie Duckworth in uniform

Marjorie’s Story

Marjorie Duckworth Malina always worked at the intersection of art and science. Initially trained in accountancy while working in her father’s textile company JJ Duckworth Ltd, Marjorie’s formal education was in social sciences, earning her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of London in 1939. During World War II, she served in the Women’s Auxiliary Corps, reaching the rank of captain, where she worked with the anti-aircraft batteries operated by women helping defend Britain.

Shortly after the war she found work in the personnel department at the newly founded United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), where she met Deputy Director for Science, Frank Malina. Marjorie and Frank married in 1949 and bought a house in Boulogne Billancourt where they raised a family.

Their home was the birthplace of the Leonardo journal, the Leonardo Network, and a center for art-science debate in Paris during the 1950s and 1960s. It was also the studio where Frank Malina worked as a pioneer in the kinetic art movement. Their steady flow of guests included astronautical pioneers, artists, and scholars including Pauline Koffler, Jacob Bronowski, Frank Popper, Academician Sedov and Roy Ascott. Friends and colleagues always enjoyed Marjorie’s hospitality. She worked tirelessly for the success of the Leonardo project and was an ardent defender of the ideals of interdisciplinary work and international collaboration. Marjorie passed away in March 2006.

Marjorie’s Legacy

Today, Leonardo continues to convene, research, collaborate, and disseminate best practices at the nexus of arts, science and technology worldwide. It serves a community of transdisciplinary scholars, artists, scientists, technologists and thinkers, who experiment with cutting-edge, new approaches, practices, systems and solutions to tackle the most complex challenges facing humanity today.

To honor Marjorie’s memory, The Marjorie Duckworth Endowment Award supports creative and innovative cross-disciplinary students whose projects embody the very collaboration and transdisciplinary partnerships that Marjorie helped inspire during her lifetime.

The Anthony (Tony) Cross Memorial Scholarship

The Anthony (Tony) Cross Memorial Student Support Fund directly helps ATEC students with expenses for research, enrichment activities, and travel related to the student’s education at UT Dallas.

Anthony (Tony) Cross and dog

Tony’s Story

Tony Cross BA’07 was an amazing man with a big heart who never met anyone he didn’t then make his friend. After graduating from UT Dallas in 2007 with a degree in arts and technology, he pursued his passion for motion capture animation at Motus Digital. Tragically, Tony passed away on Sept. 10, 2017, along with four other UTD graduates.

Tony’s Legacy

To preserve his legacy, friends and family raised funds to establish an endowed student support fund in Tony’s name for the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication at UT Dallas. This endowed fund provides support for students within the school. Reaching their endowment goal ensures that the Anthony (Tony) Cross provides the much-needed student support in perpetuity.

Motion Capture Animation Studio Tony Cross Scholarship
Students working in the Open Lab

The Greater Texas Foundation – Tech Titans Removing Educational Barriers Scholarship

The Greater Texas Foundation – Tech Titans Removing Educational Barriers Scholarship is funded by the Greater Texas Foundation and the 2008 Tech Titans Award. This scholarship provides need‐based awards for undergraduate students enrolled in ATEC programs. 

*Please review application for detailed requirements

Tech Titans logo

About Tech Titans®

Tech Titans® is a forum that leverages the regional technology community to collaborate, share and inspire creative thinking that fuels tomorrow’s innovations.

Tech Titans members include the companies and individuals that create technology as well as the people and institutions that embrace, nurture and leverage technological innovation.

What they do:

Tech Titans serves, encourages and promotes the North Texas technology ecosystem including: the developers of technology, the adopters who implement groundbreaking technology, the investors who fund and support innovative advancements in technology development and application, and the educators who help shape the next generation of innovators.

Tech Titans, represents the interests of a quarter million employees through its 300 member companies.

Why it matters:

Tech Titans membership includes a diverse group of technology leaders from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies who: collaborate to help innovation thrive in North Texas, partner to help each other succeed, drive innovation and the adoption of advanced technology in the region for higher levels of success, actively seek new avenues to solve real-world problems, and promote the innovation and leadership that makes North Texas a leader technology

How they help:

Through its many programs Tech Titans is active in: cultivating a technology community of companies, entrepreneurs, investors and students, growing the future workforce through STEM initiative, advocating for pro technology policies in government, celebrating and recognizing success through its annual awards, and driving economic development

Tech Titans is a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization.