ATEC Research Fridays

Think Complexly about Technology and Culture

ATEC’s Research Fridays offer scholarly activities that encourage attendees to think complexly about technology, about culture, and about the many ways in which the two are inextricably entangled. The ATEC Dean’s Colloquium, Crit. Fridays, and the ATEC Watering Hole are co-curricular initiatives that cultivate the technological imagination and provide a forum to connect the dots – between what is known and the innovation that comes next.

Klaus Krippendorf

ATEC is passionate about the creative exchange of ideas, techniques, and research in the areas of art, science, design, technology, and emerging communication. The ATEC Colloquium invites artists, scholars, and industry leaders give talks, lecture series, and workshops about leading-edge topics and then open the floor to questions and conversation.

Grad Student presenting at Crit Friday

At ATEC, the critique is an important part of post-secondary education. Crit. Friday offers students the opportunity to present their work for review. When presenting, each student is developing the skills, aesthetics, and cultural awareness of their role as a producer. Critters provide valuable feedback to the artist in a safe and open environment.

Person giving a presentation

The ATEC Watering Hole, is an open seminar featuring leaders and practitioners in a variety of fields that examine the intersection of art, science, technology, and education. After the extended discussion, attendees can present a call for collaboration on a project, or an update on their current work.

Research Friday Activities

Be a part of the conversation. To attend a session, click the for event details. ICYMI – Click the event to watch the recorded session (where available.)