ATEC Priorities

Intentional Future-Making for the region and beyond

Steve Jobs said in 2011 that Apple’s understanding that “technology, married with liberal arts, married with the humanities” is what helped make the iPhone a hit. Truly there is a better, faster way to do things created everyday. These new technologies are transforming the global industries of healthcare, energy, manufacturing, agriculture, and more. And ATEC at UT Dallas is at the forefront is this steady change.

Our faculty and students are future-makers who make an impact. We merge computer science and engineering with creative arts and humanities to create the innovations that shape how people live, work, and play. Graduates of our STEAM programs work with industry giants like Apple, Capital One, Disney, Google, NTT Data, Pixar, Samsung, and Toyota using their talents in animation, AR/VR/XR, the internet of things, media studies, UX/UI design, and game design.

ATEC supplies a pipeline of intellectual and creative talent  that addresses the evolution of emerging technologies for North Texas and beyond.

New Dimensions: The Campaign for UT Dallas

The UT Dallas New Dimensions campaign adds to our foundation as a top-tier national research institution. Support derived from this campaign will enable us to compete for top students and talented faculty, attract and retain researchers who are leaders in their fields, and expand and enrich cultural experiences.

ATEC joins the New Dimensions campaign to 1. Attract the Best and Brightest Students, 2. Enhance Lives Through Transformative Research, and 3. Transform the Arts on Campus. 

Imagine What We Can Do

ATEC is brimming with promise and creativity.  At UT Dallas, ATEC ranks #3 in most requested undergraduate majors. Our students are smart, our faculty is driven, and our programs are nationally ranked. But we know there is still more work to do. ATEC is focused on developing the following areas:

Scholarships  ·  Transforming the Arts  ·  Endowed Chairs & Fellowships  ·  Research & Creative Practice

Your support strengthens the foundation of our scholarships, arts programming, faculty, and research.

Take a moment to review the priorities below and learn how your gift will be invested.

Scholarships & Fellowships

Priorities Scholarship Recipient Cayley Hostrawser

Your Support will

Increase scholarships and fellowships to attract top cross-disciplinary learners.

Establish funding for undergraduate research.

Establish funding to attract strong graduate students.

Attract students ready to change the world.

UT Dallas offers a world-class education at an affordable price. ATEC is committed to giving students opportunities that might not be available to them.

We need your help to compete for today’s top talent regardless of their socioeconomic status. Scholarships & Fellowships ensure that students can pursue research and their academic goals to become the diverse artists, technologists, designers, and CEO’s of tomorrow.

Your support for ATEC Scholarships & Fellowships will directly impact our ability to compete for the future leaders who will change North Texas and beyond.

Transform the Arts

Transform the Arts Caravan

Your Support will

Expand programs that advance learning outside the classroom. 

Develop public programs of exhibits, installations, and performances.

Establish ATEC programs as a resource for arts communities.

Deliver 21st century educational experiences.

ATEC encourages the exchange of ideas in the areas of art, science, design, engineering, and emerging technologies. The results are exemplified in the quality of our programs that engage communities across the globe.

Programs like Research Fridaysopens in a new window, Crit-Fridays, Artist-in-Residence, exhibits, lecture series, and more, engage students, faculty, and communities to connect the dots–between what exists and the artistry that produces new perspectives.

Your investment in ATEC Programs delivers art and cultural experiences directly to North Texas, in turn inspiring others to be future-makers too.

Endowed Chairs & Professorships