Internship Opportunities

Intentional Future-Making outside the classroom

Internships are a key part of the learning experience outside the classroom. They provide students with the experiences needed for professional growth and increased marketability. While professors prepare students inside the classroom, internships take learned skills into a professional environment. Students who intern gain experience doing real-work in a real-world setting. This allows for the exploration of different paths in different industries, which is important when figuring out the right career fit.

Work that matters

ATEC students develop skills that corporations look for. Industry executives know that interns might just dream up the next big thing. Interns put their smarts into business-critical projects and work alongside top talents in their field. They find mentorship and community and never stop learning and growing.

The ideal Intern will demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Curious and ready to learn
  • Passionate about their work
  • Proactive and resourceful in finding the answers
  • Confident in asking questions and comfortable with feedback
  • Self-Motivated because they are ready to move ahead
  • Positive attitude
  • Demonstrates good work, and is a great co-worker too

Hear ATEC alum Ethan Crossno share his story about being an intern at Pixar as part of the Pixar PUP program.

UX Design working on an interface

Find your career fit

Adobe, Blizzard Entertainment, Disney, McAfee, Pixar, Sabre, and State Farm are just a few companies that seek out ATEC students. They and many others know the next generation of talent brings a new perspective and fresh ideas. ATEC students find internships working in the fields of digital marketing, UX design, animation, game development, AR / VR and more. If you’re interested in challenging work and being part of a professional team, then an internship is right for you!

To learn more about internship opportunities students visit with their academic adviser or visit the UTD Career Center.

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Be an Intentional Future-Maker.

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