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Message from Dean Balsamo 3

July 13, 2020

To:   The members of ATEC communities

From: Anne Balsamo, Ph.D.

Dean, School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication


Re:  Open Letter from ATEC Students Condemning the ICE Directive

In my capacity as the Dean of ATEC, I write this memo in support of international students.

I endorse the “Open Letter from ATEC Students Condemning the ICE Directive” posted on July 13, 2020 that describes the immediate and longer-range impact on the academic and career aspirations of international students at all levels.

I endorse the Opinion Editorial written by Professors Kim Knight and Juan Llamas-Rodriquez that elaborates the specific damage inflicted on our students by the recent Directive.

Both statements include testimony from students most directly impacted by the Directive.

I amplify the central message in each of these statements that attests to the importance of international students as members of ATEC communities.

International students broaden and deepen the intellectual and creative cultures of ATEC as participants in classrooms, research labs, and creative studios. 

In their roles as teaching assistants and teaching associates they enhance the education and learning for everyone by sharing their experience and understanding of diverse international contexts. 

As collaborators in faculty-led labs and studios, they push us to ask hard questions, to challenge assumptions, and to reach beyond the limits of our imaginations. 

They inspire their colleagues to learn about the distinctions among social, national, and political systems across the globe, so as to better understand the differences that make a difference.

The current public health crisis and on-going racial and social justice atrocities bear down on us as individuals, unsettling families, friendships, and communities. The recent Directive aggravates the strain on our resilience.

On behalf of ATEC faculty, staff, and supporters, in my capacity as the Dean of ATEC, I affirm our commitment to actions that keep people safe and meaningfully engaged in uplifting educational and learning efforts.

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