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Global Media Festival

Running from November 17th – December 3rd 2021

The Global Media Festival began in 2019 as a one-night in-person event where students from ATCM 3325 — Global Media Cultures presented international short films to the campus community.

Now in its virtual format, the event is a two-week showcase of films from around the world that touch on topics as varied as land rights, migration, translation, indigeneity, genre, race, and sexuality. Whether it is documentary, live-action fiction, or animation, these films remind us of the importance of studying media to understand the world.

The Global Media Festival is a collaborative effort. Working in groups, students discussed all the films in the program. The short reviews and the extended critical analyses you will find next to each of these films represent some of the insights derived from our class discussions.

Showcase Films

High Chaparral thumbnail and student names
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Minor Border thumbnail and student names
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5 years after the way thumbnail and student names
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Standing Above the Clouds thumbnail and student names
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