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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a portfolio required for undergraduate admission into ATEC? 2019-03-18T04:35:11-05:00

No. There are not currently any additional admission requirements for the Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (ATEC) major beyond the overall admissions requirements for UT Dallas. However, students will need to develop their individual portfolio as they progress through the ATEC program in order to be competitive upon graduation. Portfolio work will also be necessary if a student is interested in the Animation, Games, or Critical Media Studies Pathways.

What is a pathway? 2019-03-18T04:35:11-05:00

The undergraduate curriculum enables ATEC students to earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication. All students enter the ATEC major on the Design and Production pathway, which gives students a foundation in design, while allowing for exploration of specific areas of interest including sound design, user experience design, animation, games, mediated communication, digital fabrication, and more. Students seeking more in-depth and focused coursework may apply to a pathway of study in one of the following three areas: Animation, Critical Media Studies, or Games.

How do I apply to a pathway? 2019-03-18T04:35:11-05:00

All undergraduate ATEC majors begin on the Design and Production pathway. If you wish to specialize in another area (Animation, Critical Media Studies, or Games), a Pathway Application is required. Incoming freshmen may apply after two semesters at UT Dallas and transfer students may apply after one. There will be Pathway Application Information Sessions held to delineate further details about this process. 

How do I schedule an appointment with an ATEC undergraduate advisor? 2019-03-18T04:35:11-05:00

Prospective students may schedule appointments to meet with ATEC Advising Peer Mentors. Advising Peer Mentors are current ATEC students who work in the Undergraduate Advising Office and are able to provide information on the ATEC degree, coursework, and experience of being an ATEC student. They are also able to provide individualized tours of the ATEC Building for visiting prospective students.

Prospective students are encouraged to first visit with an Admissions Counselor, as well as take a tour of the UTD campus and/or housing options, if interested. To learn more information, please visit: https://www.utdallas.edu/enroll/visit/opens in a new window.

Current UTD students may schedule an ATEC undergraduate advising appointment by visiting bit.ly/scheduleatec and choosing the appointment best suited for their needs. The ATEC Undergraduate Advising Office is located in ATC 3.605.

Are there any scholarship opportunities within ATEC? 2019-03-18T04:35:11-05:00

ATEC offers at least one scholarship opportunity each academic year, which is posted on both the UTD Office of Financial Aid and ATEC websites. As additional opportunities arise, they will be added to the ATEC website.

Students are welcome to apply for additional scholarships listed on the Office of Financial Aid website, as well as third party scholarships from outside of UT Dallas.

What type of computer do I need to purchase as an incoming ATEC student? 2020-03-03T14:48:04-06:00

We generally recommend that incoming students wait to purchase specific types of computers and/or programs until you’ve completed a few classes within ATEC and have better determined your focus within the program. At that point, we encourage you to talk with faculty and ATEC students to determine what may be the best programs/computer for your interests. The UT Dallas Tech Store does offer student discounts, as do many outside tech companies.

Within the ATEC building, there are multiple Mac and PC computer labs students are encouraged to use whenever a class is not in session. The computers are preloaded with software used in ATEC classes, so it is not necessary to own that specific computer/software yourself. One of these labs is referred to as the Open Lab, as it is specifically reserved for student use only during building hours (8:00am-midnight).

I’m interested in graphic design. Is ATEC right for me? 2019-03-18T04:35:11-05:00

The ATEC undergraduate program does not offer traditional “graphic design” classes. While there are a couple typography courses offered at UT Dallas, all of our classes relating to design are focused on the digital world. Our program does not focus on creating graphics for print.

Who can review my transfer credit to see if it will transfer to fulfill undergraduate degree requirements in ATEC? 2019-03-18T04:35:11-05:00

An ATEC Advisor or Advising Peer Mentor will not be able to articulate your transcript. However, we have three useful tools that will help you determine which classes will transfer to UT Dallas.

  1. If you have taken college coursework outside of UT Dallas, you can search the UTD Transfer Equivalent System (link at bottom left of page) by the institution you attended to determine how your courses could potentially transfer to UT Dallas.
  2. Transfer Plans provide an outline of the recommended coursework offered at Texas community colleges for each UT Dallas degree program.
  3. Admissions Counselors can provide an unofficial articulation of transfer credit upon request for prospective students.

It is important to note that ATEC undergraduate degree plans may change each academic year, which may alter the Transfer Plans. We recommend checking the Transfer Plans each year to ensure that you are following the most up-to-date information.

To avoid taking unnecessary courses prior to your transfer, we recommend focusing on core curriculum requirements utilizing the Core Curriculum page in the most recent UTD Undergraduate Catalog.

Does ATEC offer any minors? 2019-03-18T04:35:12-05:00

Not at this time. However, students may be able to take ATEC classes without being in the major. You will need to contact your advisor for more details. You can view all minors offered at UT Dallas in the current Undergraduate Catalog.

How do I register for classes that require Department Consent? 2019-03-18T04:35:12-05:00

All ATEC undergraduate registration requests can be sent from your UT Dallas email to [email protected] Be sure to type “Registration” in the subject line. In the body of the email, please include the following for each course: 5-digit class number, course prefix (ex: ATCM), course number (ex: 2305), and section number (ex: .001). The advisor on shift will then review your request and respond accordingly.

I’m looking for an internship. Who can I contact? 2019-03-18T04:35:12-05:00

Jacqueline Polk is the career consultant for ATEC within the UT Dallas Career Center. She is the best person to contact regarding assistance preparing for and finding an internship and/or details on how to receive course credit for an upcoming internship.

There are not currently any internships offered through ATEC. An internship is not required to complete the undergraduate ATEC degree, though it’s recommended if you have the opportunity.