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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about student health insurance?2020-07-23T13:46:28-05:00

The UT Dallas Student Health Insurance Office manages the UT Student Health Insurance Plan (UT SHIP) for UT Dallas, provides confidential claims advising services, and serves as an information resource regarding local healthcare providers. Find more information by visiting online or by reviewing the information on their FAQ page.

I am an international student. Where can I find more information about attending UT Dallas?2020-07-23T13:47:57-05:00

The UT Dallas International Center provides additional resources and information about admissions, visas, travel, to international students. Additionally, the International Center FAQ page is a good resource for new students to find information fast.

I need to live on campus. Where can I find information about University Housing options?2020-07-23T13:46:38-05:00

University Housing offers on-campus living options for UT Dallas students. For more information about housing options visit the UT Dallas Housing Office online.

Do I need to be admitted before applying for Financial Aid?2020-07-23T13:46:47-05:00

Students may complete a FAFSA at any time; however, the UTD Office of Financial Aid cannot process an award until a student is officially admitted to UT Dallas.

I’m looking for a teaching assistantship. Who can I contact?2020-07-21T13:51:30-05:00

A teaching or research assistantship will be automatically assigned to incoming PhD students. Teaching assistantships for incoming MA and MFA students are considered during the admissions review. Applicants who are interested in these positions should be sure to indicate this in the application prior to submission. No further application is required at this time for the teaching assistantships.

To learn more, students should attend an online overview session. For session dates / times visit ATEC events.

I have been admitted to ATEC Graduate Studies, how do I register for classes?2020-07-21T13:31:29-05:00

The ATEC graduate advisors will contact admitted students with more information regarding registration once early registration has ended at the university.

Who can review my transfer credit to see if it will transfer to fulfill graduate degree requirements in ATEC?2020-07-21T13:29:07-05:00

Transfer credit is uncommon at the graduate level and applied on a case-by-case basis. Due to the specific requirements of each of our degrees, graduate coursework completed at other universities is not guaranteed to transfer into our program.

Applicants inquiring about these options will need to consult with their graduate advisor regarding transfer credit.

Are there any scholarship opportunities for ATEC graduate students?2020-07-21T13:31:30-05:00

Yes. ATEC offers departmental teaching assistantship opportunities each academic year. PhD students are admitted with a funding package in the form of teaching and research assistantships. Remaining funds are prioritized first for MFA students and then MA students.

Domestic students may also inquire with the UTD Office of Financial Aid for both third party scholarships and financial aid.

Students seeking on-campus positions should inquire with the Career Center. Students are also encouraged to review the fellowship and grant opportunities noted on the Office of Graduate Education’s website.

How do I schedule an appointment with an ATEC graduate advisor?2020-07-21T13:31:30-05:00

Prospective students are encouraged to attend an online overview prior to meeting individually with an advisor. These overviews discuss the graduate programs, the admission and application process, funding, and ATEC graduate culture. Time is reserved at the end of the overview for questions from registered participants. You can find the schedule of upcoming online overviews on the ATEC Events page.

If prospective students are unable to attend an online overview, they may schedule appointments to meet with the applicable graduate advisor. Graduate advisors are able to provide information on the degree, coursework, and graduate culture in ATEC. With advanced notice, they also provide individualized tours of ATEC.

Inquiries about financial aid, housing, international student services, or other campus services should be primarily directed to those offices. We are happy to assist prospective students having difficulty locating contact information for a particular UT Dallas office.

Current UTD students may schedule an ATEC graduate advising appointment by emailing their advisor directly.

The ATEC Graduate Advising Office is located in ATC 3.102.

How do I apply to a Graduate Studies pathway?2020-07-21T13:29:08-05:00

Graduate pathways are selected during the application process and students are admitted directly into a pathway. There is no separate application for pathway admission. The PhD program does not have pathways.

What is a pathway (MFA and MA only)?2020-07-21T13:31:30-05:00

The graduate curriculum enables ATEC students to earn a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) or a Master of Arts (MA) in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication. When applying, students select a specific subject area to pursue. For the MFA, these pathways are Animation, Creative Practice, or Game Development. For the MA, these pathways are Emerging Media Studies or Interaction Design.

If prospective students are interested in learning more about a specific pathway, please consider attending one of our upcoming online overviews.

There are no pathways in the PhD program.

Are GRE scores required for graduate admission into ATEC?2020-07-21T13:29:08-05:00

No. ATEC does not require GRE scores for admission into our MA, MFA or PhD programs.

Is a portfolio required for graduate admission into ATEC?2020-07-21T13:29:08-05:00

Yes. Portfolio requirements differ depending on the degree an applicant is pursuing.

For the most current requirements, please visit UT Dallas Graduate Admissions.

Can I apply for either the fall or spring semester for enrollment?2020-07-21T13:29:08-05:00

Our graduate programs admit students once a year in the fall. This is to build the ATEC graduate culture and cohorts. Each fall we have a certain number of students who start at the same time and move through the program at the same pace, which helps students to build their support system, in and outside of the classroom.

How do I know if the research I want to pursue is a good match for the ATEC PhD?2020-07-21T13:29:08-05:00

Please visit our website to learn about our graduate faculty research and our many labs, studios and creative collectives in the areas of: Art & Science, Communication & Culture, Critical Media Studies, Design & Technology and Emerging Media Art.

For more information, you are welcome to contact faculty and our PhD academic advisor and encouraged to attend one of our monthly online information sessions. For online overview session dates / times visit ATEC events.

Do I need to have a fine arts background to apply for the MFA with Creative Practice?2020-07-21T13:29:08-05:00

No. The Master of Fine Arts with Creative Practice admits students with a wide variety of backgrounds. This program focuses on socially engaged art installations with a technological and/or digital medium of engagement. As there are many mediums that can be used and experimented with in an individual’s creative practice, students are given directed freedom to incorporate their unique experiences and abilities into the work they produce as a part of the program. Applicants to this pathway must have established experience in their creative medium – this can be through a previous degree, professional experience, or exceptional personal projects.

The Graduate Admissions Committee in ATEC utilizes the portfolio requirement to determine if the experience of prospective students would provide them with the appropriate skill-level to be successful in our graduate courses.

To learn more, students should attend an online overview session. For session dates / times visit ATEC events.

I’m interested in animation. Is ATEC Graduate Studies right for me?2020-07-21T13:29:08-05:00

The Master of Fine Arts with Animation focuses on experimental animation and the use of animation techniques in new mediums and directions. While students can pursue job opportunities in the entertainment industry once they have graduated, our program does not focus on technical skill-building courses. Applicants to this pathway must have established experience in Animation – this can be through a previous degree, professional experience, or exceptional personal projects.

The Graduate Admissions Committee in ATEC utilizes the portfolio requirement to determine if the experience of prospective students would provide them with the appropriate skill-level to be successful in our graduate program.

To learn more, students should attend an online overview session. For session dates / times visit ATEC events.

My previous degree is not related to arts, technology, or emerging communication. Can I still apply to ATEC Graduate Studies?2020-07-23T13:41:32-05:00

Yes. The School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication at UT-Dallas seeks students who appreciate the opportunities of cross-disciplinary education and who aspire to be visionary scholars, researchers, teachers, and artists. We have a mission to develop transdisciplinary academic programs that span the fields of art, computer science, design, humanities, and social sciences. With a diverse group of faculty and a curriculum that integrates scholarly study with creative practice, ATEC cultivates creative scholars, scholarly practitioners, and interdisciplinary researchers.

As such ATEC is interested in applicants from diverse backgrounds who can bring their unique experiences and ideas to the work they will be engaging with in our programs. For more information regarding this, please attend one of our upcoming online overviews.

Is a portfolio required for undergraduate admission into ATEC?2020-07-21T13:29:08-05:00

No. There are not currently any additional admission requirements for the Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (ATEC) major beyond the overall admissions requirements for UT Dallas. However, students will need to develop their individual portfolio as they progress through the ATEC program in order to be competitive upon graduation. Portfolio work will also be necessary if a student is interested in the Animation, Games, or Critical Media Studies areas of concentration.

What is an undergraduate pathway?2020-07-23T13:39:09-05:00

The undergraduate curriculum enables ATEC students to earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication. All students enter the ATEC major on the Design and Production concentration, which gives students a foundation in design, while allowing for exploration of specific areas of interest including sound design, user experience design, animation, games, mediated communication, digital fabrication, and more. Students seeking more in-depth and focused coursework may apply to a concentration of study in one of the following three areas: Animation, Critical Media Studies, or Games.

How do I apply to an undergraduate concentration?2020-07-23T13:45:00-05:00

All undergraduate ATEC majors begin on the Design and Production Concentration. If you wish to specialize in another area (Animation, Critical Media Studies, or Games), a Concentration Application is required. Incoming freshmen may apply after two semesters at UT Dallas and transfer students may apply after one. There will be Concentration Application Information Sessions held to delineate further details about this process.

How do I schedule an appointment with an ATEC undergraduate advisor?2020-07-21T13:31:30-05:00

Prospective Students

If you are not yet enrolled at ATEC you can register to attend an About ATEC: Sumer Series. These virtual sessions are one of the best ways to learn about ATEC. During these sessions you can engage with current ATEC students and learn more about our programs.

If you’re unable to sign up to attend an About ATEC: Summer Series session, you may alternatively schedule an appointment to meet with one of our Advising Peer Mentors.  During this appointment, questions about the ATEC major, pathways, ATEC-specific scholarships, and ATEC academic questions will be discussed.  The Advising Peer Mentor will also provide a tour of the ATC Building, if desired.

Current ATEC Students

Students currently enrolled as UTD Student may meet with an advisor to discuss their degree plan, future-planning of courses, graduation requirements, and any other academic or non-academic questions / concerns they might have.  For current students who need assistance building their schedule for the upcoming semester are encouraged to meet with an Advising Peer Mentor.

Are there any scholarship opportunities within ATEC?2020-07-21T13:31:30-05:00

Yes. ATEC offers scholarship opportunities each academic year. In addition to UTD institutional scholarships posted on the UTD Office of Financial Aid, we offer scholarships specifically designed for ATEC students. As additional opportunities arise, they will be added to the ATEC website. Students are welcome to apply for the scholarships listed on the Office of Financial Aid website, as well as third party scholarships from outside of UT Dallas.

What type of computer do I need to purchase as an incoming ATEC student?2020-07-21T13:31:30-05:00

We generally recommend that incoming students wait to purchase specific types of computers and/or programs until you’ve completed a few classes within ATEC and have better determined your focus within the program. We also encourage you to talk with faculty and ATEC students to determine what may be the best programs/computer for your interests. The UT Dallas Tech Store offers student discounts, as do many outside tech companies.

Within the ATEC building, there are multiple Mac and PC computer labs students are encouraged to use whenever a class is not in session. The computers are preloaded with software used in ATEC classes, so it is not necessary to own that specific computer/software yourself. The Open Lab is specifically reserved for student use only during building hours (8:00am-midnight).

I’m interested in graphic design. Is ATEC right for me?2020-07-23T13:43:36-05:00

The ATEC undergraduate program does not offer traditional “graphic design” classes. While there are visual arts courses offered at UT Dallas which may focus on graphic design, the design and production curriculum at ATEC is focused on designing user interactions and creating cohesive systems that impact technological experiences.

Who can review my transfer credit to see if it will transfer to fulfill undergraduate degree requirements in ATEC?2020-07-23T13:43:18-05:00

An ATEC Advisor or Advising Peer Mentor will not be able to articulate your transcript. However, we have three useful tools that will help you determine which classes will transfer to UT Dallas.

  1. If you have taken college coursework outside of UT Dallas, you can search the UTD Transfer Equivalent System  (link at bottom left of page) by the institution you attended to determine how your courses could potentially transfer to UT Dallas.
  2. Transfer Plans provide an outline of the recommended coursework offered at Texas community colleges for each UT Dallas degree program.
  3. Admissions Counselors can provide an unofficial articulation of transfer credit upon request for prospective students.

It is important to note that ATEC undergraduate degree plans may change each academic year, which may alter Transfer Plans. We recommend checking Transfer Plans each year to ensure that you are following the most up-to-date information.

To avoid taking unnecessary courses prior to your transfer, we recommend focusing on core curriculum requirements utilizing the Core Curriculum page in the most recent UTD Undergraduate catalog.

Does ATEC offer any minors?2020-07-23T13:42:58-05:00

Not at this time. However, students may be able to take ATEC classes without being in the major. You will need to contact your advisor for more details. You can view all minors offered at UT Dallas in the current Undergraduate Catalog.

How do I register for classes that require Department Consent?2020-07-23T13:42:42-05:00

All ATEC undergraduate registration requests can be sent from your UT Dallas email to [email protected] Be sure to type “Registration” in the subject line. In the body of the email, please include the following for each course: 5-digit class number, course prefix (ex: ATCM), course number (ex: 2305), and section number (ex: .001). An ATEC advisor will review your request and respond accordingly.

I’m looking for an internship. Who can I contact?2020-07-23T13:42:23-05:00

Internships are a key part of the learning experience outside the classroom. They provide students with the experiences needed for professional growth and increased marketability. While professors prepare students inside the classroom, internships take learned skills into a professional environment.

By participating in an internship students develop skills that corporations look for. There are many corporations who seek out ATEC students. Adobe, Blizzard Entertainment, Disney, McAfee, Pixar, Sabre, and State Farm are just a few companies that contact us asking about our students. ATEC students find internships working in the fields of digital marketing, UX design, animation, game development, AR / VR and more. If you’re interested in challenging work and being part of a professional team, then an internship is right for you!

To learn more about internship opportunities current ATEC students must visit with their academic adviser or visit the UTD Career Center.

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