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Please join us this Friday, January 18, in the ArtSciLab (ATC 3.209) from 4 - 6 PM for the first Watering Hole of 2019. There will be presentations Machine-Man Interfaces and Metaphor Theory, followed by round-table discussions.

The Honorable Judge John McClellan Marshall will be speaking on the topic of Machine-Man Interface: The Technology Trap for Society, where he will be discussing the cyber-ethics and the societal implications of technological innovation.

The Honorable Marshall has been a Senior Judge in the Fourteenth Judicial District of Texas (1980-2000), and has been sitting by assignment, since 2001. He holds a BA from Virginia Military Institute, 1965 (Valedictorian); an MA from Vanderbilt University, 1966; and Juris Doctor (JD) from Southern Methodist University. He is a Prize-winning author, specializing in procedural law and ethics. Additionally, he is an elected Member of the International Academy of Astronautics, co-author of a history of the Apollo Program -- He’s also a 2º Black Belt in Taekwondo!

Our second speaker, Tina Chen, is a PhD student of ATEC at UT Dallas. She is currently studying metaphor theories and data visualization applications. She works as a Senior IT Manager of the Data Solutions team at Capital One supporting financial information systems both on premise and in the Cloud. She holds a BA in English, an MA in Advertising, an MS in Information System Management and an MBA.

She is going to briefly present metaphor theories, her current work and research interest in applying metaphor theories to data visualization. Tina Chen will be guiding a workshop wherein attendees will participate in renaming ‘The Watering Hole’ using a metaphor theory framework.

If you would like to volunteer to organize an ATEC Watering Hole or be a guest, contact us. If you run into problems or have suggestions on how to improve, please send an email to Roger Malina at [email protected].