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International Animation Day 2020 at ATEC

Representation and Inclusion in Animation and Games

A Roundtable Discussion With Guests, Crescent Imani Novell, Momo Pixel, Joy Tien, and Meagan Byrne

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As part of the celebration of International Animation Day 2020 at ATEC the Experimental Animation Lab, directed by Assistant Professor Christine Veras teamed up with The Studio for Mediating Play, co-directed by ATEC Assistant Professors Ann Wu and Josef Nguyen, to open a critical conversation about the importance of representation and inclusion in Animation and Games. This round table will feature panelists from different cultural backgrounds with varying industry experience and expertise to demonstrate the importance of diversity and the need for inclusive content in the fields of animation and games.

To submit questions in advance, including issues related to general as well as personal industry experiences, examples of representation and narrative diversity, advice for creating and developing content, etc., click here.

To learn more about International Day 2020 at ATEC visit atec.utdallas.edu/2020-International-Animation-Day