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The Gaming Industry and the Days of Yore

Richard Gray is a world-renowned figure in the game industry. He is a level designer and former co-owner of Ritual Entertainment.  He entered the game industry in 1995 following the publication of four amateur DOOM levels.  Gray worked on Duke Nuke 3D, Quake, Heavy Metal, Alice, Counter Strike, Star Trek Elite Force II, and Blackhawk Down. He is best known for creating the first suspended platform (“void”) death match level called HIPDM1 (Quake), which later became a staple for all death match games. Gray also created the first miniaturized player death match level (SPRY for SiN) which became a popular addition to later death match games.  Known as “Levelord” to many gamers, Gray leaves hidden messages (Easter eggs) that required players to “cheat” to find them, “You’re not supposed to be here! – Levelord” in Duke Nukem 3D. Gray retired 2008, but he still dabbles on projects such as Becky Brogan’s Adventures and Duke Nukem 3D-20thAnniversary World Tour.


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