Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor of Arts in ATEC

Emerging Media Arts

Undergraduates begin their coursework at ATEC based in the foundations of computer animation, game studies, UX/UI design, motion graphics, digital fabrication, and media histories. Beginning their third year of study, students have the option to select a concentration in Animation and Games, Critical Media Studies, or Emerging Media Arts.

Students who wish to specialize in Emerging Media Arts (EMA) within the Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication major may apply to be admitted into the EMA concentration after consultation with their Academic Advisor. Emerging Media Arts offers students coursework in digital arts areas such as digital fabrication, projection mapping, new media art and performance, sound, time-based media, and video. EMA students have the opportunity to engage in studio art practices with emerging media and technology.

The EMA concentration centers on building a portfolio of studio-based artwork as part of the ongoing social role that art plays in reimagining and projecting the human condition. By selecting courses from a variety of School elective headings, students are able to synthesize other areas of interest into their focus on Emerging Media Arts.

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Featured Projects

  • 3D Studio MotherBoard Richardson History
  • LabSynthE Radium Girls
  • ACTS Lab Alexa Dialogues
  • Emerging Gizmology Fireflies
  • UX UI Design in the Usability Lab
  • PIRL We All Look at the Same Moon
  • Sound Design Project
  • PIRL Origami Fish

Students and faculty explore the evolution of media and technology to create innovations that shape how we live, work, and play. We are makers who learn through doing. We believe that making is a method, a process, and a way of thinking. The ATEC maker-culture blends art, technology, the humanities, science, robotics, and programming to design technological experiences that shape the future.

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Research Labs & Creative Practice Studios

  • 3D Studio Professor Andrew Scott showing Wall Washing
  • Graduate student in the Emerging Gizmology Lab working on a project
  • LabSynthE at work on a project