Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor of Arts in ATEC

Animation and Games

Undergraduates begin their coursework at ATEC based in the foundations of computer animation, game studies, UX/UI design, motion graphics, digital fabrication, and media histories. Beginning their third year of study, students have the option to select a concentration in Animation and Games, Critical Media Studies, or Emerging Media Arts.

Students who wish to specialize in Animation and Games (A&G) within the Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication major may apply to be admitted into the Animation and Games concentration after consultation with their academic advisor. This concentration provides a thorough grounding in the development and creation of digital animation and games, including 3D Computer Animation, Motion Graphics, Motion Capture, Educational Games, Real Time Entertainment, and Social Gaming. Students are eligible to apply to A&G during their third semester at ATEC.

Animation and Games students have the opportunity to work in a studio environment, explore visual narrative, game mechanics and experimental animation, and learn project development and management practices. The concentration examines the potential of animation and games in diverse areas such as entertainment, education, and visualization. Close consultation with academic advisors is recommended.

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The Studio Process

ATEC’s Animation Lab provides an opportunity for students to take part in a simulated animation studio experience, where a crew of 40 students work over the course of two semesters in assigned roles to write, design, and produced a two-minute CG animated short film. Although faculty provides the schedule and pipeline structure, students drive the content and daily production themselves. By working in this innovative environment, the students gain a wealth of experience in creative problem solving, people management, and collaboration.

The Animated Short – ‘Octo Ninja’

‘Octo Ninja’ is a ridiculous comedy that follows our 8-legged hero as he battles his way to the final confrontation with his “squidy” arch-nemesis.

Read about ‘Octo Ninja’, the story, concept development, and  characters.

The Making of ‘Octo Ninja’

Hear first hand from directors, producers, and team leads what it took to take Octo Ninja from concept to production.

See more about the concept to production process.

Octo Ninja Screenshot animation 34

Meet the Crew

A team of students mentored by faculty collaborate to create an animated short over the course of two semesters.

Meet the crew of ‘Octo Ninja’ and the roles they played to bring this animated short to life.

Fast Facts

The ATEC Animation program ranked #2 in Texas, #3 in the Southwest, and #8 among US public schools for animation by the Animation Career Review in 2021.

ATEC at UT Dallas ranked 11th in the 2021 Animation Career Review Top 25 Public Game Design Schools and Colleges in the US.

ATEC’s graduate program in Game Design was ranked 15th and the undergraduate program in Game Design ranked 20th in The Princeton Review 2021 list of Top Game Design Schools in the US.

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