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Master of Arts (MA)

The Master of Arts (MA) in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication is appropriate for candidates who want to advance their undergraduate education through further study of technology and media, or to take an initial step toward a PhD in related fields. Students learn foundational theories and methodologies in technology and media studies as well as contemporary debates in the fields. After their coursework, students undertake independent research by branching out to pursue their own scholarly questions for their theses.

MA Pathways

Students in the Game Studies (MA) pathway use media studies methods to understand the historical development of games and to explore the impact of games and play in education, art, and culture. 

Students in the Interaction Design (MA) pathway use design research and media studies methods in the analysis and design of emerging technologies.

Students in the Emerging Media Studies (MA) pathway use media and cultural studies methods to explore the histories and social implications of digital media and technologies.

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