Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication is designed for those who wish to engage in deep scholarship or to develop artistic, cultural, or commercial applications of digital technology and emerging media. With a diverse group of faculty and a curriculum that integrates scholarly study with creative practice, ATEC cultivates creative scholars, scholarly practitioners, and interdisciplinary researchers. The PhD in ATEC additionally prepares students to teach arts-and-technology-related courses in colleges and universities.

ATEC PhD students have backgrounds in a variety of relevant fields and are grouped into transdisciplinary cohorts for their first year of coursework, where they investigate foundational theories, questions, and methods that underlie the study of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication. Additional coursework is used to practice methods and explore individual interests, including up to fifteen hours in courses from other Schools at UT Dallas. Students continue to develop expertise through the PhD Qualifying Exams and a Doctoral Dissertation that is poised to make a significant contribution to one or more fields.

ATCM 6000
ATEC Dean’s Colloquium

ATCM 6300
Approaches to Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

ATCM 6301
Aesthetics of Interactive Arts

ATCM 7331
Research Methodology in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

ATCM 6304
Computer Processing for Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

ATCM 6322
Experimental Interactive Media

ATCM 6327
Experimental Publishing

ATCM 6351
History and Culture of Games

ATCM 6371
Visualization Research

ATCM 6376
Media and Cultural Studies Methods

ATCM 6390
Social Science Methods in Mediated Communication

ATCM 6377
Creativity as Social Practice

ATCM 6385
Emerging Media and Identity

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