Major Honors Program

Graduating with Honors

At UT Dallas, students who show particular distinction in scholarship at the University are afforded the opportunity of graduating with Collegium V Honors, Latin Honors and/or Major Honors. To learn more about honors programs at UT Dallas visit the Hobson Wildenthal Honors College.

Major Honors at each individual school is based on participation in their school’s Honors Program as applicable. Each school’s Honors Program may provide two levels of recognition, Honors and Distinction. To learn more about honors programs at each school visit Major Honors in the UT Dallas catalog.

Student holding diploma in the air

Major Honors at ATEC

ATEC Major Honors offers eligible students the opportunity for advanced creative and scholarly work and recognition within ATEC. To be considered for ATEC Major Honors students must complete an Honors Capstone Project, a supplementary paper, and a presentation of their project during Capstone Celebration during their last long semester (Fall/Spring) in ATEC.

Current students should visit with their Academic Advisor to learn about eligibility requirements for the Major Honors program at ATEC.