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Sticky is a lizard just trying to catch a fly.

Student Credits – Nealie Bagbi, Lorraine Bett, David Billings, Eli Britton, Leslie Davis, Kristine Dickson, Valerie Eaton, Huda Hashim, Kien Hoang, Connell Johnson, Jacob Keul, Sergio Machuca, Meagan McCoy, Brian Merlo, Sarah Montgomery, Stephanie Myers, Long Nguyen, Adam Nusrallah, Chad Orr, Angelica Parent, Mark Piland, Gabrielle Polanco, Taylor Ransom, Miranda Sampson, Daniel Straus, Esteban Tijerina, Evan Timmons, Dan Trinh, Eduardo Velasques, Chris Venable, Edward Villarreal, Andrew Ward, Jon Whitley

Faculty Credits – Eric Farrar, Todd Fechter, Sean McComber

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