Project Description


Stargazer is a sci-fi action animated short about two sisters flying their father’s vehicle, the Stargazer, in an attempt to escape the rule of an oppressive robotic alien regime. The animated short is produced by students in the ATEC Animation Lab.  The lab provides an opportunity for students to take part in a simulated animation studio experience, where a crew of 40 students work over the course of two semesters in assigned roles to write, design, and produced a two-minute CG animated short film.

For more information on the production of Stargazer visit the ATEC Animation and Games website.

Student Credits – Josh Slezak, Kyrie Collier, Whitney Latrice Coulter, Elena Baldwin, Carl G. Brooks, Kelsey Trevino, Samantha Rabino, Vanessa Wong, Callum Nanagas, Wyatt Davis, Katie Underkoffler, Ayah Lopez, Emmanuel Edeko, Marina Baldwin, Meagan Young, Serena Wei, Nicholas Hausmann, Bianca Del Rio, Hannah G, Hibah Ansari, Kestrel Kiegel, Jaden Curreri, Julio Soto, Michael Martin, Anyssa Akridge, Daniel Huddleston, Aaliya Jaleel, Haley Speich, Joey Young, Luke Wise, William Goudreau, Jordan Turner, Jared Lascurain, Nick Beaufait, Aki Lear, Brandon Coleman, Eileen Bradway, Sean Matthews, Adam Uthoff, Kylie Davis, Lisa Desper, Sam Price, Blake Day, Isaac Shuey, Lauren Wagoner, Meghan Kitchen, Allison Wuensch, JC Steed, Joseph Nied, Matthew Popham, Skyler Rogers, Blake Day, Al Fontanilla, Nicholas Lormand, Nicholas Garces, Jake Luedecke, Paulina Gil, Katie Underkoffler

Project Gallery

A poster promoting the short film, "Stargazer,wo sisters atop a space ship look out at a city.
stargazer 2
stargazer 3


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