Terence Blanchard Sound and Light Concert 2020-07-06T15:48:48-05:00

Project Description

Terence Blanchard Sound and Light Concert

The Terence Blanchard Sound & Light Concert at ATEC was a unique class project dedicated to the music and philosophy of five-time Grammy award-winning artist Terence Blanchard. Students in the 3D Studio (also known as the ATEC Light Squad) worked together to build the backdrop and video content based on musical compositions provided by Blanchard and his band the E-Collective. The result is a combination of digital fabrication and projection mapping based on the conceptual framework of Blanchard’s music.

Led by Professor Andrew Scott, the Light Squad combined the full spectrum of art and technology disciplines to create original compositions of projection mapped animation and live video capture cast on a 31 foot sculptural relief background. The final collaboration culminated in a live interactive performance by Terence Blanchard and the E-Collective in the ATEC Lecture Hall.

Student Credits – Michael Bradley, Travis Fowler, Ashley Goodenough, James Hoggatt, Kuo-Wei Lee, Denise Lion, Amanda Marder, Paulina Mejia, Morgan, Murphy, Victor Simon, Chun Yi Wu

Faculty and Staff Credits – Andrew F. Scott, Matt Unkenholz, Amanda Goodwyn, Roxanne Minnish, Sarah Wall, Michael Snyder, Ricardo Castrillon

Additional Credits – Terence Blanchard & E-Collective, Fabian Almazan Piano, Charles Altura Guitar, David “DJ” Ginyard Bass, Oscar Seaton Drums

The performance videos Terence Blanchard & E-Collective with Andrew F. Scott and Terence Blanchard and E-Collective @ UTDallas can be found on YouTube.

For more information and photos visit afsart.com/sound-light-utdallas-atec-lecture-hall-4-21-17/

The photographic documentation Sound & Light Sculptural Relief Building Time Lapse by Kuo-We “Wade” Lee can be found on YouTube.

Project Gallery

Photos of Mangrove Peace Signs
Cracked Fist Sculpture
White Fist Sculpture


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