Project Description


Snatch! – After a claw machine eats her quarter, a young girl gets more than she paid for.

Student Credits – James Adkins, Ethan Crossno, Peter Dang, Ethan Davis, Michael Forti, Vanllelyn Garcia, Melissa Gilbreath, Amber Hardesty, Brooke Hendrick, Trevor Howard, Chris Jennings, Maryam Khoddami, Vincent Lo, Joe Manriquez, Asya Mantey, Nick Mikesell, Shannon Muller, Autumn Netherton, Taylor Ransom, Stephen Rodriguez, Elizabeth Tedmon‐Bury, Gabrielle Polanco, Henry Rodenberger, Daniel Straus, Michelle Villamarin, Wilford “Bill” Watts, Miguel Zozaya

Faculty Credits – Eric Farrar, Todd Fechter, Sean McComber


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