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Project Description

Maximilian Schich

Associate Professor

Maximilian Schich’s work converges hermeneutics (the study of the methodological principles of interpretation), information visualization, computer science, and physics to understand art, history, and culture. As an associate professor for arts and technology at the University of Texas at Dallas and a founding member of the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History, his motivation is to harness and advance expertise in collaboration, to build and lead a group of researchers, to teach students, and to contribute within a team of teams.

Schich is the first author of A Network Framework of Cultural History (Science Magazine, 2014) and a lead co-author of the animation Charting Culture (nature video, 2014). In addition, he is an editorial advisor at Leonardo Journal, an editorial board member at Palgrave Communications (NPG), and the Journal for Digital Art History. He publishes in multiple disciplines and speaks to translate his ideas to diverse audiences across academia and industry, with work having received global press coverage in 28 languages.

Schich holds an MA in Art History, Classic Archaeology and General Psychology from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, and a PhD in Art History from Humboldt University, Berlin.

Art & Science, Communication & Culture

Data Visualization, STEAM, Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Data Science, History of Art, Architecture and Visual Representation, Cultural Analytics



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