Project Description

Christi Nielsen

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Christi Nielsen is a transmedia artist with a background in photography and video. Her concentrations are new media, interactive art, and translation, and she participates extensively in new media projects that challenge the status quo, explore cutting-edge technologies and focus on collaborative efforts to create interactive, performance-based work. Nielsen’s interest in digital models includes the development of participatory environments for artists in distributed spaces.

In addition, she is the founder and director of inter.sect Art Collective, a group of artists using new media platforms to explore digital exhibition spaces outside the traditional gallery model. Their work involving visual translations of text via mobile devices was exhibited at the Dallas Museum of Art, the Dallas Contemporary, the Los Angeles Downtown Film Festival, and Pocket Films Festival at the George Pompidou Centre in Paris.

Currently an Assistant Professor of Instruction, she holds an MFA in Arts and Technology with a concentration in Emerging Media and Communications from UT Dallas.

Communication & Culture, Design & Technology

Social Media, New Media Art, Interactive and Internet Art


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