Project Description

MFA Area of Study

Game Development

The MFA in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication fosters collaboration across disciplines, blending art, technology, humanists, scientists, roboticists, programmers, designers, and innovators. Students in the Game Development program study the structure, content, and design of games and engage in game design practices suitable for academic, experimental, independent, and commercial applications.

ATEC is not currently accepting applications to the MFA Game Development program. Applicants with an interest in Game Development are encouraged to review the other areas of study to evaluate how they might intersect with their interests.

ATCM 6000
ATEC Dean's Colloquium

ATCM 6300
Approaches to Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

ATCM 6301
Aesthetics of Interactive Arts

ATCM 6335
Game Design and Development

ATCM 6336
Critical Game Studies

ATCM 6340
Game Production Methods

ATCM 6342
Experimental Games Studio

ATCM 6343
Educational Games Studio

ATCM 6344
Building Virtual Worlds

ATCM 6345
Interactive Narrative

ATCM 6351
History and Culture of Games

ATCM 6354
Meaningful Play

ATCM 6356
Anatomy of a Game

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