Project Description

MFA Pathway

Creative Practice

The MFA in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication fosters collaboration across disciplines, blending art, technology, humanists, scientists, roboticists, programmers, designers, and innovators. Students in the Creative Practice pathway explore and produce art and technology as collaborators, creative opportunists, critical researchers, project developers, boundary transgressors, and experimenters who aren’t afraid to fail.

ATCM 6000
ATEC Dean's Colloquium

ATCM 6300
Approaches to Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

ATCM 6301
Aesthetics of Interactive Arts

ATCM 6377
Creativity as Social Practice

ATCM 6321
Digital Fabrication

ATCM 6322
Experimental Interactive Media

ATCM 6323
Modeling and Simulation

ATCM 6325
Arts, Science, and Humanities

ATCM 6326
Research in Sound Design

ATCM 6331
Special Topics in Sound Design

ATCM 6365
Design Principles

ATCM 6366
Information Architecture and Design

ATCM 6386
Digital Textuality

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