Project Description

Mark McKinney

Associate Professor of Instruction

Mark McKinney has had a career in academia, private practice, commercial design and development, and is now an academician again. He is passionate about the ability of design thinking to change the world, and believes designers will be the key to the future of commercial and technological innovation.

Design begins with understanding people, and McKinney’s background in experimental and clinical psychology provides him a strong foundation. He is a published author of over 60 scientific papers and book chapters and is the co-author of My Client is The Devil (And Other Myths), a guide for persons working in the professional services industry. He is also the author of two works of fiction, The Space in the Gloaming and It Matters Where You Live.

Mark earned his PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Texas at Arlington and has previously taught at The University of Nebraska Medical Center (tenured), The University of North Texas Health Sciences Center in Fort Worth (tenured), and Texas Christian University (adjunct).

Design & Technology, Communication & Culture

Design Research, Design Thinking, Design of Healthcare, Psychology of Design, Design Research Methods



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