Mangrove Peace Sign 2019-03-18T04:17:25-05:00

Project Description

Mangrove Peace Sign

The Mangrove Peace Sign began as the design for Grammy award-winning jazz artist Terence Blanchard’s album Breathless and culminated into the backdrop for one of his concerts. For the performance, the album cover transformed into a 15’x30’ 3D canvas of synchronized light and video.

The 3D Studio provides a hub for creativity using the tools of modern invention.  It exposes students, faculty, and staff to the tools of advanced digital prototyping and manufacturing.  Training on Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) tools is combined with traditional woodworking and forming tools.  The lab creates an atmosphere of discovery through invention, collaboration, and hands-on building activities.

Faculty Credits – Andrew F. Scott

Project Gallery

Photos of Mangrove Peace Signs
Cracked Fist Sculpture
White Fist Sculpture


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