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MA Pathway

Game Studies

The MA in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication is designed for candidates who want to advance their undergraduate education through further study of technology and media. Students learn foundational theories and methodologies that underpin technology and media studies as well as contemporary debates in these fields. Students in the Game Studies pathway use media studies methods to understand the historical development of games and to explore the impact of games and play in education, art, and culture.

ATEC is not currently accepting applications to the Game Studies area of study. Applicants with an interest in Game Studies can be accommodated in the Emerging Media Studies area of study.

ATCM 6000
ATEC Dean's Colloquium

ATCM 6300
Approaches to Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

ATCM 6335
Game Design and Development

ATCM 6336
Critical Game Studies

ATCM 6301
Aesthetics of Interactive Arts

ATCM 6340
Game Production Methods

ATCM 6351
History and Culture of Games

ATCM 6352
Socially Conscious Games

ATCM 6353
Games, Education, and Simulation

ATCM 6354
Meaningful Play

ATCM 6355
Narrative System Research

ATCM 6356
Anatomy of a Game

ATCM 6357
Virtual Worlds and Communities

ATCM 6359
Special Topics in Game Studies

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