Project Description

Juan Llamas-Rodriguez

Assistant Professor

Juan Llamas-Rodriguez’s research and teaching mobilize media theories to critically analyze social phenomena on a global scale. His areas of specialization include media and globalization, streaming media, border studies, infrastructure studies, and Latin American film and television.

His first monograph, Border Tunnels: Popular Media and the Infrastructures of the U.S.-Mexico Divide, argues for underground tunnels as media figures that reimagine the stakes of border-making practices. His current project, The Climate of Migration, investigates how virtual interactive media contribute to popular discourses about migration by creating embodied experiences of the atmospheric conditions of transnational movement. He is also writing a book on the queer geneaologies of the Mexican film Y Tu Mamá También.

Dr. Llamas-Rodriguez has published research articles in the journals Feminist Media Histories, Television & New Media, Lateral, Film Quarterly, Jump Cut, and the Journal of Cinema and Media Studies. His work appears in the edited collections Geoblocking and Global Video Culture, Media in the Americas, Cultures of the Copy, Pandemic Media, and the Routledge Companion to Risk and Media. He has also written about his pedagogical practices in Flow, MLA’s Migration in Literature, Film, and Media, and JCMS Teaching Media.

Dr. Llamas-Rodriguez is a member of the Global Internet TV Consortium, a network of media scholars studying the implications of internet-distributed screen content around the world. He is also the host of the Global Media Cultures podcast.

Communication & Culture, Critical Media Studies

Popular Culture, Critical Theory, Media Studies, Intersectional Identities, Cultural Studies, Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality, Labor Studies, Global Studies, Latina/o Studies, Infrastructure Studies


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