Project Description

Paul Lester

Professor of Instruction

An accomplished photojournalist, Paul Martin Lester’s research focus includes mass media ethics, new communications technologies, and visual communications. He is a professor of instruction at ATEC as well as a tenured, full professor of communications at California State University, Fullerton.

Lester is the author or editor of several books including most recently, Digital Innovations for Mass Communications: Engaging the User (2014), Visual Communication Images with Messages Sixth Edition (2013), and Visual Communication on the Web with xtine burrough (2013). He is sought out for speeches, presentations, and workshops throughout the United States and in Australia, Canada, Finland, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey.

Lester holds a Master’s degree from the University of Minnesota and a PhD in mass communications from Indiana University.

Design & Technology, Communication & Culture

Visual Communication



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