Project Description


LabSynthE is a creative laboratory for the investigation of synthetic and electronic poetry. The laboratory currently works on projects at the intersection of memory, translation, poetry and sound, worker’s rights, and feminism. LabSynthE is a place where all voices are welcome. It operates like an improvisation group, prioritizing “yes and” as a condition for exchange.

The group meets weekly for two hours and meets for additional time when installing exhibitions. All graduate students and faculty are welcome to attend and collaborate. LabSynthE has also collaborated with The Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies; and welcomes future collaborations across ATEC, the university, and the community.


  • November 2018, An Audio Quilt of One Thousand Names, created for AIDS Week, Edith O’Donnell ATEC Building, Dallas
  • May 2017, Your Neighbors’ Weeds, CentralTrak, Dallas
  • April 2017, Dada Performance, Edith O’Donnell ATEC Building, Dallas
  • March 2017, Death Fugue: Participatory Embodiment, Reunion Launch Party, Dallas
  • November 2016, 100 Years of Data, The Center for Creative Connections Theater at The Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas

Faculty Advisor(s) – Frank Dufour, xtine burrough

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