Project Description

Kim Knight

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor

Kim Knight is a digital media scholar whose research encompasses the fields of media, literary, cultural, and film studies, exploring the ways digital culture affects negotiations of power and the formation of identity. Relationships between media, technologies, and subjects, how they interact in “real life” and in the manner in which cultural texts represent them, are of special interest to her.

Knight teaches courses in digital media theory, the shift from analog to digital textuality, viral media, wearable technology, and race, class, gender, and sexuality in digital environments, utilizing both theory and practice methodologies. As such, her work uniquely blends traditional modes of scholarship with the production of theoretically informed media objects. Knight is the editor-in-chief of the blog, The Spiral Dance, and serves as project lead for the Fashioning Circuits Lab, addressing the social and cultural implications of the intersection between fashion and technology. She earned her PhD from the University of California Santa Barbara and received her Master’s with distinction from California State University Northridge.

Art & Science, Critical Media Studies,  Communication & Culture, Design & Technology, Emerging Media Art

Data Visualization, STEAM, Critical Design, Critical Theory, Media Studies, Intersectional Identities, Cultural Studies, Race, Class, Gender, Health and Medicine, Wearables


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