Project Description

Jetpack Penguin

Jetpack Penguin is 3D 3rd-Person Platformer where you play as a penguin named Pluck who uses a jetpack to collect trophies, defeat enemies, and navigate the world.  It’s inspired by games like Super Mario Sunshine and uses jetpack mechanics and sliding physics to encourage fast and smooth gameplay. Jump, slide, and fly to new heights as you find ice clusters to power up your ship! This project was developed in ATEC’s Game Lab, a semester-long course in which teams of students create original, playable game experiences.

Student Credits: Michael Benavides, Antonio Diaz, Justan Duncan, John Halbert, Andrew Bond Harris, Phuong Huynh, Connor Kirkpatrick, Owen Michael, Lynel Shakyaver, Joshua Streety, Andrew Sylvester, Camren Thompson, Brock Thorne, and Jonathan Wallace

For more information, visit the ATEC Animation & Games website.

Project Gallery

Jetpack Penguin gameplay screenshot
Jetpack Penguin gameplay screenshot


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