Project Description

Intentional Future-Making

The 3D Studio LightSquad created the tradeshow presentation Intentional Future-Making for Leadership Richardson Arts Day at the Eisemann Center. The presentation is a projection mapped installation that tells the story of Intentional Future-Making at ATEC.

For this project 3D Studio students created the content, calibrated projectors, and managed all aspects of the presentation. Extending 3D Studio learning into the community, the Leadership Richardson event offered a hands-on, real-world opportunity to apply techniques practiced in the studio.

Leadership Richardson is part of the Chamber of Commerce for the city of Richardson Texas. It seeks to grow leaders who can cross divides, build bridges and solve complex issues.

Student Credits – Ethan Christopher, Jonathan Davila, Melanie Estes, Abigail George, Paul Hinderliter, Isamary Luna, Anthony Marin, Leslie McCracken, Amir Naqi, Jennifer Newhard, Pablo Reyes, Keenan Robbins, John Rose, Ann Souksavath, Demetri Suttle, Megan Thompson, Joseph Wintermote, So Yeon You

Faculty Credits – Andrew Scott, Roxanne Minnish

Leadership Richardson: Art Day, Richardson, TX, Dec 7, 2018, (curated by Curtis Dorian)

Project Gallery

Photos of Mangrove Peace Signs
Cracked Fist Sculpture
White Fist Sculpture


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