Project Description

Sharon Hewitt

Assistant Professor of Instruction

As an Assistant Professor of Instruction at ATEC, Sharon Hewitt teaches courses in video production and design. Her passion encompasses researching new forms of documentary storytelling and creating documentary experiences, with an emphasis on interactive, participatory, and immersive forms.

Hewitt’s current projects include producing an experiential video, exploring perceptions of time, and creating an interactive documentary about the practice of sonification at the intersection of science and art. Sharon holds an MFA and BA in Arts and Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Art & Science, Design & Technology, Communication & Culture, Emerging Media Art

Data Visualization, Design Theory, Critical Design, Interaction Design, Visual Communication, HCI, Popular Culture, Critical Theory, Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Media Psychology, Visual Communication, Educational Animation, Narrative Animation, Visual Music, VR/AR, Experimental Animation



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