Project Description

Paul Fishwick

Arts and Technology Distinguished University Chair

Paul Fishwick brings substantial industry experience in modeling and simulation to ATEC. His primary research involves modeling and simulation, with a focus on education and public engagement in modeling, forging new bridges between the arts, science, and engineering. While in graduate school in Philadelphia, Fishwick created the company Cheshire Cat Software. Since 1995 as CEO of Metaphorz, LLC, he has served as the lead Software Engineer working with the State of Florida Board of Administration (Florida Commission on Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology).

Four other states (North and South Carolina, Louisiana, and Hawaii) employ the computing standards Fishwick has helped to create for model auditing and compliance. Most recently, the SBA created standards for flood to add to the current wind standards. Fishwick holds a PhD in Computer and Information Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Design & Technology

Modeling and Simulation



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