Project Description

Fashioning Circuits

Fashioning Circuits began as an investigation into wearable media and technology. The lab explores the entanglement of wearable media, technology, and the shifts that arise from joining computing to the body. Fashioning Circuits also engages with the rich histories and practices of computational craft, domestic technologies, and soft activism. These practices, often hyper-feminized and located within homes or community collectives, are an important and often unacknowledged pre-history of what is today referred to as “maker culture.” Fashioning Circuits both studies and engages in these practices through their scholarship, creative practice, and community partnerships.

Fashioning Circuits is inspired by the possibilities of:

· Learning new techniques
· Decolonizing and recovering histories
· Working in collaboration in an inclusive space
· Developing strategies of expression that engage with broader cultural context

Fashioning Circuits operates through three modalities: scholarly & creative practice, university coursework, public workshops and events planned in collaboration with community partners.

If you are interested in these possibilities and the connection between media or technology and embroidery, sewing, knitting, crocheting, felting, haberdashery, quilting, scrapbooking, cooking, and other craft or domestic technologies, contact us.

Search both Twitter and Instagram for the hashtag #fashioningcircuits to see all of the interesting resources we are finding and sharing.

Faculty Advisor – Dr. Kim Knight

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Fashioning Circuits
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