Project Description

Experimental Entertainment Expo 2018: Critical Interventions in Gaming

The Experimental Entertainment Expo (3E) was a showcase of experimental and critical art projects by the graduate students enrolled in the Spring 2018 Experimental Games Studio course. In addition to developing their own projects, the graduate students were also responsible for planning the event itself, including organizing space, drafting copy, publicizing, etc…

“Through the structure of the exposition, we interrogate the conventional practices of expos and their consumerist logics. By titling this exposition ‘Experimental Entertainment,’ we demonstrate ‘experimental’ in the sense of critical practice. We mean critical in two ways: first, as a careful and rigorous investigation into underlying and naturalized beliefs, assumptions, and compulsions; and second, marking junctures of possibility, as in a ‘critical turning point.'”

Faculty Advisor – Dr. Josef Nguyen

Participating students and projects:

Chelsea Brtis, Pokérev GO
Hannah Drury, Dollvatar House
Murilo Homsi, ATEC’s Bureaucratic Map – The Board Game
Cenk Köknar, Get Good
Sean Landers, Looking Backwards: A History of Edward Bellamy Games (1887 –2000)
Brandon Leifheit, Playground
Jack Murray, The Tandem Controller
Sam Owens, Channel A News: The War Room
Joe Porritt, Urban Hunter
Elizabeth Stringer, Cards Against Sexual Harassment

Lab Gallery

Student playing game at Experimental Entertainment Expo
Students conversing around project at Experimental Entertainment Expo


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