Project Description

Monica Evans

Associate Professor

Monica Evans’ background includes designing and developing experimental and educational games with numerous university and business partners. These include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the University of Texas System, the United States Department of Defense (TRADOC and JFCOM), Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and multiple arts institutions within the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

Evans’ students often move on to successful careers at notable game development studios such as Blizzard, Id, Gearbox, Bioware, Bethesda, Naughty Dog, and multiple Zynga studios. In addition, many have started their own independent development studios and released games through Steam Greenlight, Kickstarter, and independent publishers. Evans’ latest work includes both large-scale projects in educational games, informal learning, and simulation, as well as independent projects focused on topics such as the dynamics of string quartets, classic literature, post-scarcity science fiction, and orchid hunters.

She currently directs the Narrative Systems Research Lab and serves as an Associate Professor for ATEC at UT Dallas.

Animation & Games, Emerging Media Art

Games Development, Game Studies, Educational Games, Narrative Games, Experimental Games



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