Project Description

Death Fugue: A Participatory Embodiment

Death Fugue: A Participatory Embodiment was made as a younger sister to LabSynthe’s interactive installation “Death Fugue: An Uncovering”. While the former creates a formal, shared space for uncovering, this community-building media project is additive and spontaneous. Participants in the first environment are imagined as listeners, whereas here the participant might speak the poem or engage in dialog with the artist, or others, behind the camera or holding the projector.

Credits – Death Fugue was written by Paul Celan; English Translation by Dr. Frederick Turner and Dr. Zsuzsanna Ozsváth; Oration by Dr. Frederick Turner; Original Music and Sound Recording by Nathan Grande; Kinetic Type, Persuader/Comforter/Sure You Can Person, and Editing by xtine burrough


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