Project Description

Danger, Jane Roe!

Danger, Jane Roe! is a research-oriented design project that uses a LilyPad Arduino,  a micro-computer developed specifically for wearable applications. The LilyPad is sewn to a t-shirt, using conductive thread. It is accompanied by hand embroidered decorative elements and LEDs that light up in correlation to data related to Twitter activity around the topic of reproductive health. Danger, Jane Roe! signifies on its own as a design object, but it is also the subject of more traditional scholarly work. It forms the centerpiece of arguments proposed to make for the collection Bodies of Information: Intersectional Feminist Digital Humanities, that address the potential for feminist digital humanities to détourn scientific methods via play, provocation, and interrogation.

Faculty Credits – Kim Knight

Project Gallery

Danger, Jane Roe #1
Danger Jane Roe #2
Danger Jane Roe #3


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