Project Description

Cardboard Fashion Show

The Cardboard Fashion Show is a project by Design II students at ATEC.  Students use their skills to design a wearable made of cardboard. The culmination of the project was to participate in a fashion show during the 2018 Plano Artfest.

Plano Artfest is a community event built around artistic inclusiveness, creative curiosities, and cultural connection. Each year the event is held in the streets of the Downtown Plano Arts District. For 2018, the Historic Downtown Plano Association (HDPA) and the Plano Art Coalition featured an exciting new additions. “This is a bold step for the event where we are creating sessions that are about the infusion of art and technology,” says HDPA executive director, Alex Hargis. 

Student Credits –
Faculty Advisor – Roxanne Minnish

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Project Gallery

Cardboard Fashion Show Gallery 1
Cardboard Fashion Show Gallery 2
Cardboard Fashion Show Gallery 3


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