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Design & Creative Practice

The Design and Creative Practice area is the general degree plan at ATEC. This degree plan focuses on the exploration of art and design. Students who study in this area develop their skills in UX/UI design, video production, sound design, and digital fabrication. They learn to develop individual perspectives, investigate emerging technologies, and identify opportunities for design innovation.

Our students work closely with ATEC Faculty who are luminary thinkers in the fields of design. They are pioneers, leading practitioners, and academics who share their expertise, giving students the foundation to innovate as new technologies emerge.

ATEC students also connect with industry giants. ATEC hosts featured speakers such as Apple’s Hugh Dubberly, Visual Effects Director TyRuben Ellingson, and the “Levelord” of Game Design Richard Gray. These extra-curricular learning opportunities allow ATEC students to interact with industry professionals known for their creative work in design.

Our alumni find employment with industry giants such as Apple, Google, Capital One, Sabre, Toyota and many others using the design skills developed at ATEC.

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