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At ATEC, students discover why Animation has become central to all modern digital media. Our animation curriculum blends creative storytelling with technology to encourage experimentation in form, content, and medium. ATEC courses emphasize various artistic and technical disciplines of 3D animation to include classic character animation, 3D storytelling, modeling and texturing, lighting and composition, and rigging. Students learn the principles of the field while developing their own artistic vision.

The ATEC Animation program ranked #2 in Texas, #3 in the Southwest, and #8 among US public schools for animation by the Animation Career Review in 2021.

Our students learn from the best. ATEC Faculty include some of the best artists in the industry who bring their talents from the studio straight into the classroom. Our faculty use their industry insights to teach animation techniques and applications using industry software that prepares students for success in animation and new and emerging fields such as medical and scientific visualizations.

ATEC students also connect with industry giants. ATEC hosts featured speakers, panels, and talks from representatives of Dreamworks, Pixar, Disney, and local studios Rooster Teeth, Brazen Animation, Blue Sky Studios, and Groove Jones. These extra-curricular learning events provide ATEC animation students the opportunity to interact with industry professionals currently in the mix.

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