ATEC Kudos – September 2019 2020-03-11T13:37:00-05:00

Project Description

ATEC Undergraduate Students Efrain Nazario, Zach Rendulic, Chaynen Casas, and Phuong Huynh, as part of the UTD Esports Super Smash Bros. Ultimate team, earned UT Dallas its first athletics national championship. The team competed in the Collegiate Starleague Smash Ultimate National Championships on August 23-25 at Shine 2019, one of the largest events in the world for Smash tournaments. The Comets, previously ranked as the top team in the Southern region, became the No. 1 Smash Ultimate team in the nation.

Various ATEC faculty and students presented at the 2019 Animation and Public Engagement Symposium (APES19) forum at Texas Tech University.

ATEC Senior Lecturers Kara Oropallo and Monika Salter presented "Animation Lab: Teaching Real-World Experience in Creative Problem Solving."

ATEC Assistant Professor Sean McComber and ATEC Associate Professor Eric Farrar presented "ATEC/UTDallas Animation Showcase" ATEC Associate Professor Dr. Heidi Rae Cooley and ATEC Senior Lecturer Dr. Christine Veras, presented "The Fish Project: An Interactive Animation Experiment."

Animation students Julio César Soto and Samuel Price presented their latest work in collaboration with ATEC Associate Professor Dr. Heidi Rae Cooley and ATEC Senior Lecturer Dr. Christine Veras, titled "The Fish Project Production Process: Asset Creation and Animation." The students' work was also published in the Animation Studies 2.0 Blog.

APES19 took place September 19-21 and was organized by Texas Tech Faculty in Lubbock. This annual forum, happening for the first time outside the UK, provided a place for scholars and practitioners concerned in advancing and promoting animation to gather and exchange information.

Digital Frontiers was held at UT Austin, September 26-28. This year the conference included a media art exhibit which became a showcase for work made in ATEC. ATEC PhD Students Sean Landers, Beth Hinners, Murilo Paiva-Homsi, and Letícia Ferreira presented Coding Apollo. LabSynthE (burrough, Starnaman, Ferreira, Homsi, Landers, and David Worcester) presented Syntonic Refuge. ATEC Associate Professor xtine burrough and Kristin Drogos presented A Lover, Inverted.

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