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"Drawing on Theory to Build_Unbuild Media, or Lalalalalalalalala," co-authored by ATEC Associate Professor xtine burrough  and Associate Professor Lucy HG Solomon (CSU San Marcos), appears in The Critical Makers Reader: (un)Learning Technology, INC Reader #12, edited by Loes Bogerz and Litizia Chiapinni (Amsterdam, NL: Institute of Networked Cultures), 2019.

ATEC Associate Professor Dr. Llamas-Rodriguez's "This is a Nation" teaching activity is among the first to be featured in HASTAC's new Progressive Pedagogy series.

"Contested Spaces: How We Made an Audio Quilt of One Thousand Names," co-authored by ATEC Associate Professor xtine burrough and ATEC PhD student Letícia Ferreira, appears in "How We Make: Theory, Praxis, Pedagogy," a special issue of Trace: A Journal of Writing, Media, and Ecology, edited by Emily Brooks and Shannon Butts.

ATEC Associate Professor Eric Farrar and ATEC Senior Lecturer Kara Oropallo's summer 2019 class, Motion Graphics Lab, received recognition in UTD Magazine.

ATEC Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. Kim Brillante Knight is proud to announce the publication of Hyperrhiz: New Media Culture, Volume 21. Dr. Knight co-edited the issue on the theme of "Buzzademia: Scholarship in the Internet Vernacular" with Dr. Anne Cong-Huyen of University of Michigan and Dr. Mark Marino of University of Southern California.

The issue, which features an article-length introduction and 32 contributions, brings together scholarship and pedagogical materials that use "internet vernacular," the language, visual rhetoric, and platforms of internet culture, for scholarship and teaching. There are gifs, games, quizzes, snapchat video essays, explainers, and more! The issue features additional work by ATEC faculty and students:

ATEC Assistant Professor Olivia Banner "O_Botler"

ATEC Assistant Professor Hong-An Wu, ATEC Assistant Professor Wendy Sung, ATEC Assistant Professor Juan Llamas-Rodriguez, and Kim Brillante Knight "Stitch n’ Glitch: Teetering on the “/”" (which credits multiple ATEC faculty and students for their work on the event).

Hong-An Wu (as part of SCRAM) "FemTechNet Allied Media Conference Newsletter, or Feminist Killjoy Antics with GIFs"

ATEC MFA Student Nitashia Johnson gave an invited artist's talk on the topic "Black Media Representations and Trauma" on November 16 at the South Dallas Cultural Center.

Johnson's talk was in conjunction with her solo show "The Self Publication," which is a collection of photography and personal essays designed to uplift and combat the harsh stereotypes associated with men and women in the Black Community. Johnson seeks to analyze the role of media representations and how they can reinforce stereotypes and influence how others are perceived. "The Self Publication" is on view until January 5 at the South Dallas Cultural Center.

ATEC Assistant Professor Wendy Sung attended the 2019 American Studies Association (ASA) where she was the chair for a panel on "Queer and Critical Race Critiques of Big Data" and a commentator for a panel on "Race, Health, and Care in New Media and Visual Cultures."

Moreover, she was a participant on the roundtable, "The Feminist Politics of Self Care" at the 2019 National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) where she presented her work on race, media, leftist social movements, and New Age psychotherapy.

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