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The Public Interactives Research Lab (PIRL), co-directed by ATEC Associate Dean Dale MacDonald and ATEC Associate Professor Heidi Rae Cooley, in collaboration with ATEC Assistant Professor Juan Llamas-Rodriguez, received a UT Dallas HEArts grant to host "Platform to the World", a 3-day symposium that will address the nature and function of national and local boundaries and the work of "border logics".

ATEC Associate Professor xtine burrough received a 2019 Nasher Sculpture Center Artist Microgrant award for her project with Sabrina Starnaman, “An Archive of Unnamed Women.”

ATEC Assistant Professor Olivia Banner was the recipient of the 2019 Inclusive Excellence and Intercultural Teaching Award. Organized by the Office of Diversity and Community Engagement and nominated by students, the award honors faculty who foster diversity and inclusion in their campus activities.

ATEC Assistant Professor Angela Lee's new chapter, "Audience fragmentation and journalism in the U.S. context," is published in The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication (Oxford University Press):

ATEC Assistant Professor Juan Llamas-Rodriguez published the article "A Global Cinematic Experience: Cinépolis, Luxury Branding, and Film Exhibition" in the (italic) Journal of Cinema and Media Studies (/italic). By exploring luxury cinemas in Mexico, India, and the United States, the article argues for the emergence of a cosmopolitan structure of feeling that binds upper-middle class film audiences across these countries.

Dr. Llamas-Rodriguez also published the audiovisual essay "The Female Narco-Trafficker’s Tongue | La Lengua de la Narco-Traficante" in (italic) NECSUS: European Journal of Media Studies (/italic). Focusing on the figure of the female narcotrafficker in US American and Mexican television series, this essay uses the epigraphic form bilingually in a deliberately confusing mixture of images, sounds, and written texts, inviting the viewer rapidly to make comparative and contrastive connections between the various depictions of these female characters and their story worlds.

ATEC Assistant Professor Sean McComber's project "Monster Docs" was selected to be presented at one of the most prestigious animation studies conferences, the 31st Society for Animation Studies Conference that will be held in Lisbon, Portugal in June. His project is a collaborative research between animators and physicians seeking to develop a method of communication that both simplifies and clarifies the means through which medical procedures are communicated to patients, specifically children and their parents or caretakers.

ATEC Assistant Professors Josef Nguyen and Hong-An Wu, co-directors of The Studio for Mediating Play, were awarded a Humanities and Emerging Arts (H.E.Arts) Grant from The University of Texas at Dallas’ Office of Research for a project titled Patching Default Settings: Radical Feminist Gameplay. During the 2019-2020 academic year, Patching Default Settings will provide resources and support for faculty and student collaborators to create and exhibit original experimental games as well as experimental artworks that interrogate games, gameplay, and gaming cultures by envisioning alternative ways of playing beyond the mainstream commercial industry. Additionally, Patching Default Settings will bring radical and feminist game designers and artists to ATEC throughout the academic year to hold masterclasses, workshops, talks, and critique sessions.

During the Third Annual Celebration of Teaching Excellence Awards on May 2nd, ATEC Senior Lecturers Monika Salter and Kara Oropallo had their participation in the course "Reflective Teaching Seminar 2018-2019" recognized as part of the Center for Teaching and Learning activities.

ATEC PhD Student David Adelman recently presented his research paper, '“To Wipe Away the Pain:” Forough Farrokhzad’s The House Is Black as Empathic Archive" at the 2019 Popular Culture Association conference in Washington, D.C.

ATEC PhD Students Leticia Ferreira de Souza and Sean Landers passed their Qualifying Field Exams.

At a recent UTD reception for Excellence in Graduate Education, Dr. Del Guynes was awarded the 2018 ATEC Outstanding Dissertation Award for his dissertation entitled "What Drives Online Citizen Journalism in Malaysia? A Reasoned Action Model Approach."

After the 2019 ATEC Master's Showcase, the following students were selected for honors by a panel of jurors:
- Outstanding MFA Thesis Award: Wajiha Desai, "My Mama's Home."
- Outstanding MA Thesis Award: Jack Murray, "Massively Multiplayer Offline Games: MegaGames and Players."

ATEC Undergraduate Student Jakky Nguyen has been accepted as an intern for the Healthcare Games Showdown in Houston, TX. Hosted by the Texas Medical Center’s TMC Innovation Institute, the Healthcare Games Showdown is an Accelerator meets Game Jam in which medical and healthcare games or gamification concepts will be created by college students under the direction of medical and video game mentors. Six teams of college students will offer the best video game or gamified app in that hope that the team sponsor or other potential employer will hire them on full or part-time.

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