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Project Description

The Animation Career Review has ranked the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (ATEC) at UT Dallas as the #3 animation school in the Southwest. The ATEC Animation BA pathway ranked #7 nationally. The Animation Career Review considers over 200 schools across the US with animation programs in preparing their yearly rankings. Click here to view the full list of accolades.

The ArtSciLab's Dr. Roger Malina, Dr. Kathryn Evans, Dr. Eun Ah Lee, Linda Anderson, and Research Assistant, Lauren Bernal got their proposal, Tale of Two Thinking Systems (ToTTS), accepted to present in Washington, D.C. at The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) conference in April. While the team started out with launching CDASH, they have collectively broadened their horizons to include projects with similar educational goals, forming ToTTS. Further, the initiatives of ToTTS includes an umbrella of transdisciplinary curriculum which integrates basic curriculum with art-based learning to promote long-term creative and innovative skills in students.

ATEC Professor Paul Fishwick joined the Advisory Board of talkSTEM, a Dallas-based non-profit company focused on STEM and STEAM education.

ATEC Assistant Professor Olivia Banner gave an invited lecture at Penn State on Afro-Surrealism and digital psychiatry. The talk was sponsored by Penn State's Digital Culture and Media Initiative and the Rock Ethics Institute.

ATEC Assistant Professor Juan Llamas-Rodriguez participated in the South x Southeast symposium organized by the Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. This year’s theme, "Pop Culture and Coloniality: Decolonizing Global Media Studies," gathered early career scholars working on decolonizing knowledge production, power, representations, and politics within global media studies. Dr. Llamas-Rodriguez's presentation drew from his current project on animations of border tunnels in popular media.

A refereed presentation by ATEC Clinical Professor Paul Lester was accepted for the 2019 Visual Communication Conference in Mammoth Lakes, California in June. Lester will demonstrate how to make an inexpensive 360-degree 3D camera and headset that uses materials that can be found in most departmental storage rooms.

"360-Degree Camera & Headset: A DIY How-To"
There is no doubt that those who teach in mass communications programs should be experimenting with virtual reality cameras and viewing platforms for their own education and as part of student assignments. However, the cost for the necessary equipment that gives users direct, valuable, and practical experience with the technology is often prohibitive for cash-strapped programs.

A refereed panel discussion proposed by ATEC Clinical Professor Paul Lester was accepted for the AEJMC conference in Toronto in August.

"Visual Technology Changes Us"
With every visual recording technology, from simple point-and-shoot cameras to sophisticated digital optical implants, there is an observable transition in the production and presentation of pictorial messages from specialized innovators, journalists, advertisers, and artists, to the general public. Questions considered will be: What are the historical roots of image technologies, What is the impact of visual reporters on nonprofessional image production as evidenced by such social media sites as Instagram, Are ethical considerations of image production and distribution communicated between users, Are the cultural values of empathy and diversity served by the sharing of technical expertise, and How should educators help students think critically about the imaging machines available to them?

ATEC MFA Student Maedeh Asgharpour won the Juror's Choice Award in this year's ATEC Pop-Up Locker Exhibition. Her locker, "Freedom of Speech", was selected from 15 student entries by Invited Artist Christopher Blay to join the locker art archive in ATEC.

ATEC MFA Student Maedeh Asgharpour has four illustrations featured in "The Road To The Heart" Persian Art Exhibit, organized by the Irving Art Association. In addition, she designed and illustrated the exhibit poster. The exhibition ran February 24 - March 29, 2019.

ATEC Undergraduate Student Tiffany Page Carter presented her paper "The Good Doctor and Hollywood Autism" at the Communicating Diversity Conference held at Texas A&M on March 29, 2019.

ATEC Undergraduate Student Victoria Riojas presented her paper "The Underrepresentation of Women of Color in the Film Industry" at the Communicating Diversity Conference held at Texas A&M on March 29, 2019.

ATEC Undergraduate Students Allison Dombek and Jordan Turner have been hired as lighting artists on an upcoming video game release from id Software.

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