Project Description

ATEC Alum Chelsea Brtis (MFA in ATEC '19) won the "Most Adventurous" award at the IndieCade Climate Jam for her entry Local Goods. Congratulations, Chelsea! Click here to learn more about Chelsea's game and the IndieCade Climate Jam, a game jam focused on addressing ecological and global issues.

ATEC MFA student Nitashia Johnson had her photography featured in a collection curated for the New York Times: "Sources of Self Regard: Self-Portraits from Black Photographers Reflecting on America."

Assistant Professor Wendy Sung provided commentary on Asian American racialization, the history of the model minority, and its connection to Black Freedom movements for The Huffington Post article, “The Real, Tragic Story Behind That ‘Rooftop Korean’ Meme You Might Have Seen,” published on June 11, 2020.

ATEC MFA Candidate Catalina Alzate conducted a workshop entitled "The Underlying Paths of Participation" at the Participatory Design Conference 2020. The workshop was an exploration of reflexivity and positionality in participatory design. The description and theoretical framework of her workshop have been published in the conference proceedings.

ATEC Associate Professor Olivia Banner participated in a second two-day meeting of Governing Health Futures 2030: Growing Up in a Digital World, organized by The Lancet and Financial Times. Originally scheduled to meet in New Delhi, the Commissioners are continuing their work via virtual means.

ATEC PhD student Shad Miller presented the paper "The Borders Between Linear Narrative and Interactive Forms" at the 2020 Conference of the Electronic Literature Organization.

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