Project Description

ATEC Senior Lecturer Laura Beltz Imaoka was invited to attend the pedagogical workshop, "Using the Japan Disasters Digital Archive in the Classroom: A Workshop on Teaching about Japan and Disasters Digital Research," which was hosted by Harvard University's Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies on December 5-7.

ATEC PhD Students Alex Garcia Topete and Shad Miller passed their Qualifying Field Exams, Fall 2019.

ATEC PhD Student Tina Chen has advanced to candidacy with her approved dissertation proposal, "Applying Metaphor Theories to Data Visualizations: Understanding How Metaphors Shape Users' Perception and Their Implication to the Arts and Science of Visual Design."

Supervising Committee: ATEC Professor Roger Malina, Kang Zhang, Mingdong Gu and ATEC Assistant Professor Angela Lee.

ATEC PhD Student Betsy Berger defended and graduated Fall 2019.

Title of dissertation: "A New Approach to Design Pedagogy Fostering learning of Visual Design Principles Through M-Learning: Applying Algorithms to Visual Design Principles."

Supervising Committee: ATEC Associate Professor Midori Kitagawa, Co-Chair, Ryan McMahan, Co-Chair, Frank Dufour, and ATEC Associate Professor Heidi Cooley.

ATEC PhD Student Gary Hardee defended and graduated Fall 2019.

Title of dissertation: "Finesse: Foundations for Immersive Non-Fiction Narrative as Embodied/Situated Simulation Experiences. A Conceptual Framework for Immersive Journalism Design."

Supervising committee: Marjorie Zielke, Chair, ATEC Assistant Professor Angela Lee, Ryan McMahan and Matthew Brown.

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